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树莓派 Raspbian 家长控制

lesca | RaspberryPi, Tutorials | 2017-10-17
功能说明 该脚本能够监控指定网络设备,如网络电视、机顶盒等,访问树莓派,不限服务(包括SMB, NFS等)。典型场景是机顶盒访问树莓派文件共享服务。 该脚本使网络设备只能在一段时间内,默认1小时,访问树莓派,之后冷却1小时,以防止过度访问。 该脚本需要经过需改,才可以部署到OpenWRT等依赖ash的网络设备中。 准备工作 改下面两个文件: 一是将... [阅读全文]

Windows 10 1709 那些值得注意的变化

lesca | Tutorials, Windows | 2017-10-16
Win10 1709的 Get-WindowsUpdateLog 不再需要联网获取符号库 https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/mniehaus/2017/10/10/improved-windows-update-log-formatting-with-windows-10-1709/ Win10 1703默认全新安装时不含SMB v1服务器端和客户端: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4034314/smbv1-is-not-installed-by-default-in-windows-10-r... [阅读全文]

Authorized client is forbidden when using ADRMS MDE with ADFS

lesca | ADRMS, Tutorials | 2017-08-13
Problem You are deploying AD RMS with Mobile Device Extension, and thus you also need to deploy AD FS infrastructure. The AD FS server is on Windows Server 2016, i.e. AD FS version 4. You are following steps or using PowerShell scripts from the link below to setup ADFS Relying Party Trust for ADRMS Mobile Device Extension A... [阅读全文]

screenrc configuration example

lesca | CentOS, Tutorials | 2017-08-10
This is an example of .screenrc configuration file. Just for your reference. .screenrc # Bind F11 and F12 (NOT F1 and F2) to previous and next screen window bindkey -k F1 prev bindkey -k F2 next startup_message off # Screens screen -t Init screen -t Work screen -t OpenWRT ssh -i /root/key select 0 ... [阅读全文]

AD RMS – Office client could not connect to the Internet to check permission

lesca | RMS, Tutorials | 2017-08-07
Situation Your AD RMS client is a workgroup client, you installed Office 2013 or 2016, and setup the discovery service by registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSIPC\ServiceLocation\EnterpriseCertification HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSIPC\ServiceLocation\EnterprisePublishing However, you encountered ... [阅读全文]

PowerShell: 批量导入Hyper-V虚拟机

lesca | Hyper-V, Tutorials | 2017-07-24
前提条件 本文所介绍的方法要求以下目录保持原有的相对关系、目录结构及所在盘符不能改变。 Virtual Machines Snapshots VHD文件夹(可以是多个) 导入方法 $path = 'D:\Hyper-V\Virtual Machines' # Get the VM configuration files Get-ChildItem $path -Recurse -Filter *.vmcx # Check VM import / register Get-ChildItem $path -Rec... [阅读全文]

How to restart a SCCM OSD Task Sequence within WinPE

lesca | SCCM, Tutorials | 2017-07-23
Introduction 本文介绍如何在不重启的情况下,重新加载SCCM OSD任务序列(Task Sequence) This article describes how to restart SCCM OSD task sequence within PE without restarting the computer. Steps: del X:\SMS\data\variables.dat TsmBootstrap.exe /env:WinPE /configpath:x:\sms\data Notes: 如果之前由于任务序列出错导致任务终止,需... [阅读全文]
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Manually setup Azure Point-to-Site (P2S) VPN on client computer

lesca | Azure, Tutorials | 2017-06-19
Manually setup Azure Point-to-Site (P2S) VPN on client computer
Introduction Azure point to site VPN uses SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) to establish VPN connection. The default port is on 443. So the prerequisite is that you have finished setup a P2S VPN on Azure: Configure a Point-to-Site connection to a VNet using the Azure portal Today, I am going to show you how to manually ... [阅读全文]

Mount VHD at Windows startup with PowerShell

lesca | Troubleshoot, Tutorials, Windows | 2017-05-29
Create a scheduled task Command: %SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe Parameter: -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -file "C:\VHD\mountVHD.ps1" Powershell Script to mount VHD Method1: Mount-DiskImage (Recommended) This is the recommended command to mound VHD as it does not rely on the Hyper-V role. Mount-DiskIma... [阅读全文]

Debian or Raspbian: nfs-kernel-server not starting portmapper is not running

lesca | Tutorials | 2016-05-04
Error Message Debian or Raspbian: nfs-kernel-server not starting portmapper is not running … (warning) rpcbind.target Fix Steps Here is my first try, but it doesn’t work for me. It just reset the configs. So if you messed it up, try this first. apt-get purge rpcbind nfs-kernel-server nfs-common apt-get install ... [阅读全文]

HP 服务器 UID 指示灯的作用

lesca | Tutorials, Uncategorized | 2015-09-27
The Virtual Indicators allow you to monitor, and in some cases control, the state of indicators on the host system, including the Unit Identification Light (UID). The Unit Identification Light (UID) The UID helps you identify and locate a system, especially in high-density rack environments. Additionally, the UID is used to i... [阅读全文]
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Google Chrome 绿化与个性化教程

lesca | Tutorials | 2015-05-07
由于chrome v30开始有些特性不讨人喜欢,所以很多人喜欢停留在v29,只是在保留老习惯的同时,一些新的扩展就不能使用了。但是总不能让谷歌任行其道对吧?Lesca将以v29为例,介绍如何绿化Chrome,并在v29上使用Chrome Web Store上的新版本扩展,如Proxy SwitchyOmega。下面先奉上做好的绿色版。 做好的绿色版 百度网盘下载:Chrome-bin.zip 下载好后解压... [阅读全文]

Test Peer to Peer Connection Speed with iperf3

lesca | CentOS, Tutorials, Windows | 2015-04-08
Hi! I am writing to explain how to test your network connection between your client (Windows or Linux) and another client (say, a remote server). The tool is iperf version 3. You can find some useful explanations and examples on this French site: https://iperf.fr/ But the version stays at 2 which does not have some amazing ne... [阅读全文]
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lesca | SQL, Tutorials | 2015-04-01
上一节中我们介绍了如何在CentOS 7上配置MySQL的主从复制模式,今天Lesca将介绍如何备份和还原MySQL的从服务器,平台仍然是CentOS 7。 使用mysqldump进行备份和还原 使用mysqldump进行备份 mysqladmin stop-slave -uroot -p mysqldump --all-databases > fulldb.dump mysqladmin start-slave -uroot -p tar -czf /tmp/dbdump.tar.gz ./fulldb.dump... [阅读全文]
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在CentOS 7上配置MySQL的主从复制模式 (Master-Slave Replication)

lesca | SQL, Tutorials | 2015-03-31
MySQL的主从复制广泛用于数据库备份、故障转移、数据分析等场合。 MySQL主从复制基于主服务器在二进制日志中跟踪所有对数据库的更改(更新、删除等等)。因此,要进行复制,必须在主服务器上启用二进制日志。从服务器从主服务器接收已经记录到其二进制日志的更新,当一个从服务器连接主服务器时,主服务器从日志中读取最后一次成功更新的位置,从服务器... [阅读全文]
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